Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The new house

So we rented a new house in Aug. We had visitors before that and none since, so no one knows what our new home is like. So here are a few pics. There is none of the master bedroom or bath becasue Clark is on nights and it is a tomb in there.

My office or the craft room. The other angle is a scrapbook table and a sewing table. I would be in here all day if I could.

The entry way... the craft room is off to the left from this picture.

The family room.

The girls bathroom. I just got this new sower curtain and I had so much fun deciding with Aubrey which shoe I should put on the wall. Then I cut it out of wood and painted it.

Jenna and Aubreys room.

Taylor's room

Kierra and Miley's room.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I love these shoes

I usually like to wear platforms. My friend Sam got me convinced you look thinner when you wear heals of some sort. So I like to wear them too. Sometimes when my arthritis flares up I need to wear flats. At the begining of the summer I went to this botique here in town and saw these shoes. I thought to myself those are really cute. For flats + gladiator stlye I really like those. The price tag was $63 so I brussed the thought aside and didn't think much about them again. I went back to the store to sell the owner more of my flowers to make money and to look for my mother inlaw a b-day present(which I found). I saw the shoes again and they were on sale and got them for less than $25 bucks. I was so excited that I put them on in the car and wore them the rest of the day. When I got home I showed them to Clark and told him how I had seen them months ago and then I go back and they were on sale. Oh and forgot to say that they only had two pairs left and they were both 8 1/2 what are the odds of them being my size. I was so excited about them....Clark says do you want to know what those shoes remind me of. I thought yeah I do..thinking he would say Egyptian shoes, Jesus shoes(my brother Trav says Gladiator shoes look like Jesus shoes). But no Clark says they remind me of the scripture in Nephi when it's talking about the daughters in Zion in the last days and they will have twinking among there feet etc. Great the oppisite of Jesus shoes. I would look up the scripture and reference but I am going to bed now. What do you think? Something Clark and I laugh about. Oh well I like them and he thinks they are evil shoes. LOL


Del Rio is a smaller town. The parade was an hour and a half long. Way toooo long. The funny thing is everyone in this town makes up ever princess title they can come up with so they had like 15+ princess, queens, etc. Little miss this and miss teen that. The one main one is of course Miss Del Rio and probably is the hardest to win and most coveted. But if you live here all you have to do to put your kid in the spot light is throw a padgent miss amistad, miss val verde, little miss what ever and put your kid in it and make sure you know the judges then your kid can be in the spot light all year. LOL Anyway i'm off my soapbox now. Aubbs was able to be in the parade because her school had a float, then Jenna had just joined the girl scouts and her troop had a float. They were excited to be in the parade. I was excited to watch with Kierra and Miley. I was estatic to find my friend Darla waling down the street so I had someone to sit and visit with. We all had a great time.

Cup cakes

Cyndi is one of my dearest friends. 9 or so years ago we took a cake decorating class together, we even made a few wedding cakes. I went through a phase where I was too stressed out to do anything fun with my kids and swore off making kids cakes for their birthdays. Well I had a great idea to invite three girls over from one family from church. We could decorate cup cakes then watch a movie. Aubreys two friends from school came too. We decorated 45 cupcakes and had fun eating them. Yumm

So we went to the smallest pumkin patch ever. Kierra cried the whole way home becasue they were suppose to have face painting, games, etc. At least it wasn't my fault, right? And I got cute pics of my kids. October in Texas is really hot too prob in the 90's.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Husband

So Clark is very good at doing things around the house. Once he hooked a toothbrush up to one of his Dwalt saws that had a go back and forth action. He used the thing to clean the grout in the house. On Halloween he wipped out his saw to carve pumkins. I have a pic of Tay covering Kierra's eyes while Clark was carving. Kierra was a baby and Taylor thought it would scare her LOL Well this week he was polishing his boots and he had put this polisher on his drill and his boots were shining so amazing that I could see myself in them. Then tonight he cooked dinner. WOW!!!! What can I say, he is one of a kind. I love that man.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Aubrey turned 11, I can't believe it!!! How weird that she will be in Young Womens in less than a year. We had a small little party and she decorated her own cake. It's a surf board, cute right?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Girls Camp June 2010

I am in the Young Womens Pres. and was the only leader that wasn't nursing a baby. So I got to go to girls camp. It was great fun and I loved being able to be with Taylor. We did great crafts and had a blast kayaking in the river. We survived the rain and most of the time everyone was super happy. Mom and Dad thank you, thank you, thank you, for comming to watch the kids. They loved it and it was a nice break from them. : )

Kierra's 5th Birthday

SO a month befor Kierra's birthday we were at Walmart shopping and they had a really cute three tiered pink cake pinata. It was on clearance and I showed Kierra. Thinking that she would love it. I asked her if she wanted it for her birthday and she said no but I love the bird one. And she for sure loved it and wanted it for her birthday. Then a right befor her birthday we needed invitations. I told her all the kinds she could choose from and she wanted Hannah Montana. So since she is the 4th child and I no longer feel like I have to have evrything match and I'll let my children make decisions even if I don't like them, I will...... Well I least I do if
it's their birthday. I made her cake to
match the pinata and we had friends
over for a fun party.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jenna is 9

My babies are growing up so fast.

Miley is 2