Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A camping we will go.

So I am not a camper...the last time I went camping was when Jenna was a baby. Aside from a two nigh trip to Bear Lake in the RV. My mom planned a shot family reunion with all my sibling who live close enough to go and we went this week. We had a great time and the kids loved it. They didn't want to come home. Here are just a few pictures.

The 4th of July!!!!

We had a fun 4th of July at Sabra and Mark's house.

Aubrey turns 10!!!!

Aubrey didn't have a real b-day party but I had a couple friends come over and watch a movie and eat popcorn. She decided she would rather get an expensive gift..She loves her new Rebecca American Girl Doll.

Kierra turns 4!!!

Kierra's b-day is on Flag day. She loved all the flags up and felt special.

Where has the summer gone!

Deb and her boys were here visiting and we hiked Tip Caves.