Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swiss Days

So here is my mother inlaw with all of her daughters and daughters inlaw together. My mom V (as I call her) has a great tradition and every year invites us all to swiss days. We have a fun time walking around looking at all the stuff we can make and buying some too. :) Then we eat a yummy scone, probably the best part of the day.

Tori's birthday party was a lot of fun. I liked these pictures of all the kis on th ehammock. They were having so much fun.

This is from summer time. We went up in the canyon and had a yummy dinner that Debbie and Mom made. It was fun letting the cousins run around and play and enjoy each other. Notice Miley is being held by everyone....she is sad almost all the time and wants loving and cuddling which can be hard for the youngest of five. Also I am way over protective about little ones being close to camp fires.