Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

So Talitha and Jenna took a board out of the garage. It's like a two by four but it's a one by four. Anyway I catch them playing with it and told them to put it back in the garage. Sabra said that she doesn't want anyone to get hurt and we told them again to put it in the garage. Talitha and Sabra leave and an hour goes by........I hear crying comming from the basement and it's Kierra. Kadrie, (Aubrey's friend) is comming up the stairs and is trying to tell me something but can't get it out. Then Aubrey comes yelling Kierra's head is bleeding you need to take her to the hospital. So I get down there put pressure on her head and take her to the Doctor. I asked the Doctor if he was competent enough to stich her up or if I needed to call a plastic surgen in. He assured me he would do a good job. So seven stiches later here we are. Kierra was so good, and she was so brave. She held still and didn't cry or anything. My sweet little girl.

Christmas Day 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Holy cow does December ever slow down.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Kierra last year.
Sooooo........ Kierra is out of control. Today I figured where her hiding place is. I will be looking all over the living room for Miley's binki and can't find one. I'll go into Kierra's room and she hides them under a silky blanket under her bed. I didn't tell her that I knew where she was putting them because I didn't want her to change the hiding place. Three times today I found a binki there in her room. I was just keeping up on it. Making sure she wasn't putting them in her mouth. She was up playing around the house. So later this evening I took some kids home that were playing at the house. When I can home I asked everyone where Kierra was and once again she had taken a bink and fell asleep in her bed. So we took the binki out and hoped she would sleep through the night. Well she woke up at 9 so I'm sure she'll be up till all hours of the night. So I just got done discussing this issue with her and she keeps saying "Mom, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry." She says she is big and won't take them anymore. Well that's great and all but when she's screaming at 2 this morning I'll be the one sorry.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Little Girls

Sooo we took Kierra's binkis away again. It has been a whole week. Last Monday she was up untill 2 a.m. screaming and kicking. Clark gave in and gave her a bink and she fell asleep in 2 min. then he took it out. Tuesday she was fine all day then Karin and Scotty babysat for us that night she fell asleep watching a movie. Karin said that she was totally fine and did not ask for it at all. Then Wed she was screaming and kicking again. I asked her if she hit and kicked Karin and Scotty and she said no. She tried to stop being violent but still struggled. She finally went to sleep. She is staying up way later than before and usually gives in to sleep with her dad. Now I'm trying to teach her that lying is bad since the other day she told me to leave the living room so she could do something then she snuck one of Miley's binks which I took away. Friday we were looking for her and found her asleep in her bed with a freaking binki. We took it from her and made it untill last night when we were having prayer and scriptures and were calling her for prayer and she wouldn't come then Aubrey went to go get her and found her asleep in her bed with Miley's flippen binki. So that was removed from her mouth. Then today she took Miley's binki and said to me,"mom I won't put it in my mouth I am just saving it for Miley." I told Clark to go and get it from her and he goes in her room and she stands in front of her play kitchen and says, "nothing, nothing dad." Little did she know in her three year old mind that she told us where she hid it. Well she knows Santa will only bring her presents if she does't have them anymore, he will bring her baby food like Miley.

Here are a couple pictures from today.