Friday, May 29, 2009



All the kids playing.



Kinley and Aubrey

Ava, Triston, Tori, Kierra, Jenna, and Talitha.

Me, Alisa

From left, Kierra(just her hair), Aubrey, Steele with Tori on shoulders, Taylor and Jenna, McKayla, Kinley, Triston, and Talitha.

From left, Kent, Travis, Miley, Clark, Loren, Tori, Mom, and Dad.

Loren and McKayla

Kinley, Talitha, and Tori

My mom and Taylor

Kinley and Aubrey

Shayla and Ava

Billy and Cameron

Sabra, Lynessa, Alisa, and Shalaina

We all went over to my parents house for Gavins Birthday. He turned 15. We had a dinner and had a fun time hanging out with everyone. We especially loved the warm weather and playing in the backyard. Here are just a few pic's of the fun.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Taylor really was on the trip

Now that Taylor is older she doesn't like to do all the things the little girls do. I don't make her all the time and let her stay home and hang out with Trenton or Garrett. So I do not have many pics of her from the trip here are a couple though.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swimming at Julia's house

Me and my friend Lindsey

American Girl Store

Trip to Texas The Zoo

So two summers ago I wanted to drive to South Carolina to visit Julia and her family. That was when they got a job in Texas and their lives were in total jumbo moving and living in corporate housing etc. Well I decided it wasn't the best time to go. Then last summer Miley was a new born and a very fussy hard baby. Well she is still hard but decided it was time to make the trip. I didn't want to wait until summer because every time I do summers get so filled up the kids never have a chance to just relax. We left Sunday the 12th the day after Jenna's baptism and got home Tuesday the 28th. Two days drive there and two days drive home. Clark flew in to Dallas on Sat the 25th and drove us home. We all had such a good time and loved getting to know Julia's kids on a more personal basis. Julia and I had fun just hanging out. I love seeing Rigdon, Cierra's baby. We went to the zoo one day and it was so beautiful and green. I took the girls to the American Girl Store. There are only seven in the whole U.S. I spent a night in Mckinny with my good friend Lindsey Fry and her family. The girls loved swimming in Julia and Emmetts pool with their cousins and playing. Taylor went to early morning seminary with Garrett a few times and hung out with Garrett and Trenton. She went to San Antonio for a few days to see David and his new wife and baby. So we had a busy fun filled two weeks enjoying the nice weather there in Fort Worth.

Jenna turns 8 and gets baptised

She had a fun birthday party with friends then on Sat April 11 got baptised.

Miley turns one.

Well Miley had a birthday when I wasn't feeling well. I decided not to do anything big because Jenna's b-day and baptism was comming so basically Miley got the shaft. But at least she is too young to know right. lol

I gave Aubrey some money sent her into the store told her to buy a small cake and some vanilla ice cream. Clark was sleeping and Taylor was gone so Jenna, Aubrey, Kierra and two friends sang her happy birthday and then they all had cake and ice cream.

Miley grabbed the flame on the candle and I dropped my camera in the cake so the rest of my pic. are blurry from frosting on my lens.


We got ferrets and of course I did not want them. Clark is always conspiring with the kids against me and getting some kids of animals. Well after a month or so of fighting with the kids to clean the cage we sold them and made money. Here are pictures so the kids won't forget what they look like.