Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The new house

So we rented a new house in Aug. We had visitors before that and none since, so no one knows what our new home is like. So here are a few pics. There is none of the master bedroom or bath becasue Clark is on nights and it is a tomb in there.

My office or the craft room. The other angle is a scrapbook table and a sewing table. I would be in here all day if I could.

The entry way... the craft room is off to the left from this picture.

The family room.

The girls bathroom. I just got this new sower curtain and I had so much fun deciding with Aubrey which shoe I should put on the wall. Then I cut it out of wood and painted it.

Jenna and Aubreys room.

Taylor's room

Kierra and Miley's room.


Leslie said...
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Amy said...

The girls' rooms are so dang cute!

Cierra Rafajko said...

Okay so I totally LOVE that bathroom! So Cute!!

Shayla Shumaker said...

CUTE! I am so glad that I now have an idea of where you guuys spend your days. We love you and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Were the bedrooms already those colors or did they allow you to paint?

Cute girls bathroom!

cyndi said...

I love it is this the newest 1