Monday, January 4, 2010

AG Dolls

So I love it that my ten year old didn't complain once that she didn't get a cell phone or a dsi or any other electonic devise that her friends got. I am glad that for now, anyway that she is happy with her dolls. She can grow up later. I love the dolls too. i like to do their hair and change their clothes and even make them outfits. Crazy I know but it is fun to be a girl. : )

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sabra, Sam, and I took the kids to the Childrens Museum up in SLC. Aubbs was gone to St. George and I promised Jenna I would do something fun with her and Kierra. The kids had a blast. I totally recommend it to everyone.

Christmas morning was the BEST. Clark came and surprised the girls and everyone was overjoyed. We spent time at both grandparents and we were happy all day.

Christmas dresses

Arn't these dresses the girls are wearing great. A loving grandparent bought them for the girls and then bought two extra dresses for Tay and Aubbs and I cut them and made them into skirts. They turned out and all the girls had a good time matching.

A few more random pic befor Christmas morn.

Ginger bread houses with Grandma V. This is a tradition, that we all love even mom. We had a great time.

Kierra's preschool Christmas program. I loved this show, Kierra did a great job with her part and she loves her school.

My hunny's graduation on Dec 10.

Jenna's dance recital in Dec. She did such a good job and I loved getting her all dressed up with makeup and all. So sad we are done with that for a while.

Dec 2009 Ears pierced

So Miley wants to be big. She see's me and her older sisters put ear rings on and she wanted them too. She is always finding beads or shiny things and trying to put them on her ears. She had even shoved and ear ring into her ear canal. That was scary. So to make a long story short, we decided it was time to just pierce her ears. We took her to walmart and the dumb chick screwed it up. i bought the gun and fixed them the next day. Kierra decided she wanted her ears pierced too since I could do it at home and she gladly picked out a pair of ear rings. So here is a pic of Kierra after her ears were pierced and here is a pic of Miley befor the chick at Walmart jacked hers up.