Monday, July 26, 2010

Aubrey turned 11, I can't believe it!!! How weird that she will be in Young Womens in less than a year. We had a small little party and she decorated her own cake. It's a surf board, cute right?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Girls Camp June 2010

I am in the Young Womens Pres. and was the only leader that wasn't nursing a baby. So I got to go to girls camp. It was great fun and I loved being able to be with Taylor. We did great crafts and had a blast kayaking in the river. We survived the rain and most of the time everyone was super happy. Mom and Dad thank you, thank you, thank you, for comming to watch the kids. They loved it and it was a nice break from them. : )

Kierra's 5th Birthday

SO a month befor Kierra's birthday we were at Walmart shopping and they had a really cute three tiered pink cake pinata. It was on clearance and I showed Kierra. Thinking that she would love it. I asked her if she wanted it for her birthday and she said no but I love the bird one. And she for sure loved it and wanted it for her birthday. Then a right befor her birthday we needed invitations. I told her all the kinds she could choose from and she wanted Hannah Montana. So since she is the 4th child and I no longer feel like I have to have evrything match and I'll let my children make decisions even if I don't like them, I will...... Well I least I do if
it's their birthday. I made her cake to
match the pinata and we had friends
over for a fun party.