Monday, October 25, 2010


Del Rio is a smaller town. The parade was an hour and a half long. Way toooo long. The funny thing is everyone in this town makes up ever princess title they can come up with so they had like 15+ princess, queens, etc. Little miss this and miss teen that. The one main one is of course Miss Del Rio and probably is the hardest to win and most coveted. But if you live here all you have to do to put your kid in the spot light is throw a padgent miss amistad, miss val verde, little miss what ever and put your kid in it and make sure you know the judges then your kid can be in the spot light all year. LOL Anyway i'm off my soapbox now. Aubbs was able to be in the parade because her school had a float, then Jenna had just joined the girl scouts and her troop had a float. They were excited to be in the parade. I was excited to watch with Kierra and Miley. I was estatic to find my friend Darla waling down the street so I had someone to sit and visit with. We all had a great time.

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